The Biggest Dieting Mistake (That Makes Every Bride Gain Weight)

I’m talking about brides who starve themselves. What you might not know is that fasting for extended periods of time is the best way for you to gain weight. Here’s why.
by Doug Rice

Extended Fasting Slows Your Metabolism

That “hungry tummy" that makes you feel so skinny? That's actually your body sounding the alarm that it's about to hold on to as much fat as possible. Your body operates on input. If there's a change in input, your body reacts. If you engage in an extended fast, your body instinctually decides that you don't have any food around you and switches into “famine" mode. In famine mode, your body tries to store as much fat as possible.

Extended Fasting Depletes Muscle and Energy

When you don't supply your body with the proper nutrients, it decides to find them elsewhere. The first place it looks is your muscles. In famine mode, your muscles are more valuable as a food source, and your body acts accordingly. The result is a major loss of energy.

The Bottom Line

If you starve yourself, you'll gain weight. So eat! Five small meals a day, combined with a sensible exercise plan, is the only proven, practical way for you to lose weight.

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