The First Year of Marriage: How to Deal with the Baby Question While Engaged?

Q: It seems like since the second we got engaged, every third person says, "So, when are you going to have a baby?" We're not even married yet! How should we answer this rude request?

A: Questions like these are never fun, but even in this day and age they're pretty much inevitable. Your best bet? Take it with a laugh and a grain of salt and say something like, "Well, planning the wedding's got us both crazy right now, so we're kind of taking things one life-altering decision at a time." Not feeling so sassy? Simply say you're waiting for the right time and just leave it at that. The choice to have children is a huge one, and one you shouldn't feel pressured into just because your coworker/cousin/carpool buddy can't shut up about it.

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by The Knot