13 Boutonnieres That Don’t Have Flowers

by Libby MacCarthy
photo by Stephanie Hunter Photography

Forget about roses, peonies and ranunculuses — there's no rule that says boutonnieres have to use flowers at all. Instead, branch out with unexpected elements like feathers, bottlecaps and blueberries for a totally unique look. Take a cue from your the tone of your wedding to incorporate elements that speak to the day's theme. Check out some of our favorite flowerless boutonnieres below!

A Feather Boutonniere

feather boutonniere |<img class=

Edyta Szyszlo Photography

From the album: A Romantic, Outdoor Wedding in San Martin, California

A Baseball Boutonniere

baseball boutonniere |<img class=

Kate Danielle Photography

A Cotton Boutonniere

cotton boutonniere |<img class=

Olivia Griffin Photography

From the album: A Second Presbyterian Church Wedding in Greensville, South Carolina

A State-Shaped Boutonniere

california boutonniere |<img class=

Paul Von Rieter

A Squirrel Boutonniere

animal boutonniere |<img class=

A Couple of Night Owls

A Blueberry Boutonniere

blueberry boutonniere |<img class=

Orchard Cove Photography

From the album: An Outdoor Harborside Wedding in Norteast Harbor, Maine

An Herb Boutonniere

her boutonniere |<img class=

Eye Shutter Photography

From the album: A Rustic Chic Wedding in North Aurora, Illinois

A Mini Pumpkin Boutonniere

gourd boutonniere |<img class=

Photography by Jay C Winter

From the album: A Rustic Autumnal Wedding in Cambria, California

A Felt Boutonniere

felt state boutonniere |<img class=

Maria Mack Photography

From the album: A Camp Oneka Wedding in Tafton, Pennsylvania

An Upcycled Boutonniere

rustic boutonniere |<img class=

Connection Photography

From the album: An At-Home Wedding in Adolph, West Virginia

A Button and Key Boutonniere

key and button boutonniere |<img class=

April Smith Photography

From the album: A Desert Foothills Wedding in Scottsdale, Arizona

An Air Plant Boutonniere

air plant boutonniere |<img class=

Ely Brothers Studio

From the album: A Snowy Mountain Lodge Wedding in Centennial, Wyoming

A Boutonniere with Hops

pinecone boutonniere |<img class=

Stephanie Hunter Photography

From the album: A Rustic Mountain Wedding in Keene, NY

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