Breaking Wedding Rules, Skype Weddings and What Happens to the Dress

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anne roderique-jones the knot wedding trends expert
Anne Roderique-Jones
anne roderique-jones the knot wedding trends expert
Anne Roderique-Jones
Wedding Trends Expert
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Breaking Wedding Rules?

We posted an article on "20 Traditions You Can Skip," and our Facebook Knotties told us what they were doing to break tradition:

"My fiance helped me pick out my dress!" Jolene
"My wedding gown was blush :)" Julie
"I didn't wear a veil!" Nancy

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Would You Say "I do" via Skype?

You don't need a wedding chapel to say, "I Do." And you don't actually have to kiss the bride. A couple in California decided to say their vows over Skype when the groom was sent to the hospital a few days before the wedding. See what our followers were all abuzz about when we posted this snippet via Twitter:

"Samuel Kim and Helen Oh, both 27, tied the knot with the help of Skype, a video-conferencing program on Saturday at a Fullerton church. Rather than walking down the aisle to her husband-to-be, Oh saw his face on a jumbo screen.

When Kim broke Oh the news that the wedding would have to be postponed, his fiancee had an idea. Why not get married over Skype?

'I completely expected to postpone our wedding, but my fiancee, she really insisted. She wanted the wedding,' Kim said from his room at UCI Medical Center in Orange. He didn't want to share the reason why he was there, but explained he had to be in solitary confinement for a few weeks.

The church, Grace Ministries, has a large sanctuary room that fits up to 2000 people. On special occasions, jumbo screens are used, so the logistics of a Skype wedding weren't too difficult to handle. Kim, o" Irvine, and Oh, of Anaheim, had about 500 guests at their wedding, many of whom flew internationally to attend."

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What Happens to the Dress After the Wedding?

What do you plan to do with your dress after the wedding? Some of our Knotties are planning to wear it again, and more than a few are donating it, but according to our poll, most brides on our boards are preserving their dress after the wedding. Here are the results of the poll and what our Knotties have to say about it:

"I will be donating mine to Brides Against Breast Cancer after my November wedding this year." jemnini6

"I was married almost five months ago, and my dress is still hanging in my parents' closet." hz80408

"I'm planning to dye it and alter it into a really cool party dress." Cantina

Poll: What did you do with your wedding gown after the wedding?

51.7% Preserved
7.6% Trashed
9.3% Sold
6.8% Donated
24.6% Nothing, it's hanging in the closet

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