Bridal Beauty: Wedding Day Help for Very Dry Skin?


I have always had very dry skin (so dry it flakes), especially in the winter. I am planning a winter wedding and I don't want my skin to flake off on my wedding dress. I have tried everything (expensive creams to vitamin E oil). What can I do?


Who doesn't want that dewy, luminous look that magazine models always seem to have -- especially on your wedding day? The trick is to treat your complexion with kid gloves. It's sensitive and needs special pampering. You're probably already washing your face daily. Just be sure to use the most gentle products. "Use a moisturizer with phospholipids (instead of oils)," recommends Dr. Mary Lupo, a dermatologist. "They'll plump up the skin cells without causing oiliness." She also suggests exfoliating with a lactic acid product, because lactic acid is a natural moisturizing factor found in the skin.

On your wedding day, if your skin feels like it's drying out, spritz it with some water (not too much or your makeup will run!) -- just enough to refresh your wedding makeup . Practice this before the wedding to give yourself an idea of how much of a spritz does the job. Look for Evian Brumisateur, which is made to give a quick shot to the skin.

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