Watch Miles Get a Makeover for Her Beachy Wedding

We gave Miles a makeover to match the vibe of her upcoming wedding. Watch the video to see the process—and her final reveal at the wedding!
by Elizabeth Roehrig
Johnny Wolf Photography
  1. Meet Miles

    Bride-to-be Miles before her makeover
    Sarah Love

    For Miles's August wedding to Brian, she wants to look effortless and celebrate her love of the beach. The couple got engaged last summer on a tropical island in the Philippines, and they want to re-create that setting at their Long Island, New York, lakeside wedding. "Since Brian and I both love the water, the ceremony will be held by the beautiful Lake Ronkonkoma, just in time for a romantic sunset," she says. We wanted to give her a style to match—effortlessly romantic with a beachy spin.

  2. Watch Her Makeover

  3. A New Smile!

    Miles at orthodontist for Invisalign treatment

    When we were reviewing candidates for the makeover, we noticed that Miles never smiles in her photos. "I have been very insecure about my inward-pointing teeth and I NEVER show my teeth when I smile for photos," she wrote. "I want our future kids and grandchildren and great-grandchildren to see how happy Brian and I are through our wedding photos. The best way those emotions can be captured is through a genuine smile." We sent Miles to Denise Emma, DDS, in Long Island to see if she was a good candidate for Invisalign®treatment. (Spoiler alert: She was!) At the orthodontist's office, we surprised her with the news that she'd be receiving her first set of clear aligners and a whole new look. "In seven months her smile will be beautiful," says Emma, assuring Miles that she'll have great results in time for her wedding.

  4. Relaxed, Beachy Hair

    Bride to be getting her hair done in beachy waves
    Tory Williams Photography

    Next stop: Eva Scrivo salon for Miles's hair and makeup trial. Stylist Annie used a foundation spray before blowing out her hair to distribute the product. She curled Miles's hair with a curling iron, let the curls set, then brushed them out for a soft, airy look. Annie's trick for creating beachy waves? Straightening just the ends of the hair with a brush and blow-dryer to give the waves an imperfect, windswept feel. To finish, Annie pulled Miles's hair to one side and secured it with a faux flower pin. The style really shows off her profile—perfect for capturing her and Brian's wedding kiss!

  5. Fresh, Dewy Makeup

    Miles getting her wedding makeup done
    Tory Williams Photography

    To make Miles's eyes really pop, makeup artist Catiana filled in her brows, then dusted on shimmery shadow and added individual faux lashes. She also used a highlighter on her face and a touch of shimmer on her cheekbones for a sun-kissed, beach-ready feel.

  6. See Her Finished Look!

    Johnny Wolf Photography
  7. Brave Hearts Photography

    Just seven months after her makeover (and starting Invisalign treatment), Miles and Brian tied the knot on August 7, 2015. "I've never been happier or more confident in my life than on our wedding day," says Miles. "I never second-guessed whether my teeth looked crooked. Just look how happy I am in our photos!" After the first few clear aligner trays, Miles started smiling with her teeth showing. "Just knowing that my Invisalign treatment was working to make my smile better already made me feel confident," she says. "It was the best thing to happen in my bridal journey."

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