There’s Something About the Water That Makes Nordic Women Beautiful

by Sk Ii &Amp; The Knot


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While most of us shudder at the idea of living in Iceland (its name doesn't help!), it turns out that extremes in temperatures have a positive effect on our constitutions and complexions, a fact that Nordic beauties take full advantage of. It's common for most Icelanders to take a dip in one of the island's many outdoor geothermal pools first thing in the morning. The contrast between frigid air and steaming water causes the capillaries to contract and dilate, which improves circulation—a factor in slowing down the aging process—while the mineral-rich waters nourish, feed and soothe the skin. As if all that weren't enough reason to take a plunge, there's an added bonus for a bride: Extreme changes in temperature can also raise the metabolism, which means slimming results without all that dieting.


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