The Bridal Body Buddy

One of the best ways to stay motivated is to find a person to support you throughout your bridal fitness journey. I call that person the "Bridal Body Buddy." Here are three tips for finding yours.
by Doug Rice

1. Know Who to Ask

It's easy to assume the people in our lives are tired of hearing us talk about plans to lose weight and even less interested in cheering us on. The truth is, in spite of our insecurities, most people are more than willing to champion our efforts. Look to your family, your friends, your coworkers and your fiance to find someone you believe will want to see you succeed in your goals.

2. Be Specific About Your Needs

The Bridal Body Buddy is most successful when they know exactly what you need to meet your goals, so make it known. Sometimes you just need someone to listen, while other times you may want someone to join you for a walk or a trip to the gym. On occasion, you might even want someone to keep you accountable about the types and amounts of food you eat.

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3. Be Prepared to Return the Favor

Your confidence is certain to grow when you realize how many people care about you. And who knows, maybe your positive determination will attract others to live a healthier lifestyle as well. If your Bridal Body Buddy happens to be a girlfriend who is not yet engaged, you might get the chance to return the favor when she decides to shape up for her own wedding.

The Bottom Line: You'll find the path to success is smoother when you have someone walking alongside you.

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