Are Your Goals Holding You Back?

How much weight do you want to lose before your wedding? 10 pounds? 20? Whatever the number, setting goals is the key to losing weight by your wedding day. But setting the wrong goals can be just as detrimental to your waistline as setting no goals.
by Doug Rice

The last thing you need is to feel overwhelmed right now. Here's how to make your get-fit goals doable.

Be Realistic

If there are only three weeks left before your wedding, sorry, but you aren't going to lose 50 pounds. Be reasonable. At most, you should plan on losing a maximum of two pounds a week. Do the math and give yourself a little padding.

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Be Specific

Too broad (think: I want to look like Giselle on my wedding day) and it's easy to feel defeated and hard to kick yourself into action.

Break It Down

Goals are an important part of any successful weight-loss plan, but they can be overwhelming unless you break them down into smaller manageable goals and action plans. Start by dividing your larger goal (lose 20 pounds by W-Day) into exercise and diet goals. Then, map out a plan for each area that makes sense for you and will get you to your goal. Will you join a boot camp or work out at home? Will you sign up for a food delivery service or set aside time on Sunday to make your own healthy meals for the week?

Make a Plan

Break these goals down even further, into even smaller actionable goals. If you sign up for a boot camp, how many times a week will you go? Before work or after? Now schedule it in. When will you shop for groceries, and what's on the list? Plan out what a typical week will look like, book it into your calendar and set up repeating reminders to hold you accountable.

Take It One Day at a Time

You've set a goal, made a plan and put it on your calendar. Now forget about how many pounds you want to lose. Yep, forget that big goal we just told you to make and focus on the daily goals you booked into your schedule, so all you have to worry about is following through with your plans for that day.

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