The 3-Hour Bridalicious Sunday Food Ritual

One ritual Doug tries to get his bridal clients to establish is the Three-Hour Sunday Food Ritual. Sunday is a perfect day to plan your nutrition for the week, and you can knock it out in three hours. Here's how.
by The Knot

Hour 1: Write Your Grocery List

Sit down with a notepad and a pen, pick a show from your DVR and fire it up while you write out your grocery list. A grocery list is like shopping for clothing -- you want to buy outfits, not individual pieces. Likewise, you want to shop for meals, not individual foods. So plan your meals for the week first, and then break down the ingredients you'll need for each one.

Hour 2: Hit the Grocery Store

The grocery store can be a fun way to challenge yourself. First, as always, park far away from the door so you can get in a little extra exercise. To save time, write out your grocery list in an order that allows you to go from one end of the store to the other without backtracking.

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Hour 3: Prepare and Store Your Meals

Preparing a week's worth of meals only takes about an hour, and you'll be making your life super-easy for the rest of the week. So cook your chicken, broil your veggies and shake up some smoothies -- then pack them away in the fridge.

The Bottom Line: Once your Three-Hour Sunday Food Ritual is established, you'll begin looking forward to it as a healthy start to each week of your Bridalicious nutrition plan.

Doug Rice

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