Bridal Shower: Okay to Have Bridal Shower Without the Bride?


I am the maid of honor for a friend who attended the same college I attend now, but she dropped out and lives five hours away. Since most of her college friends are still here, could I host a wedding shower without the bride in attendance (due to distance and end-of-semester time constraints)?


You could -- it would probably be more like a work party, maybe wrapping and packing gifts to send to the bride, having everyone write her a note about how happy they are for her, or recounting a great time in their relationship with her, or even what they remember about when she first met her fiance. You could also round everyone up and call her on the phone -- or better yet, make her a video! You really can get creative with a "shower" for a bride who can't attend. Still, it'll probably be a lot more fun if she can take a road-trip to school for the weekend to hang out with you guys -- study break time! Try your best to make that happen; if it really can't, definitely throw a little party to put together a great care package!

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