Ashley Meller Bridal Spotlight

Each week, we feature shape-up secrets from real brides who slimmed down for their wedding. Steal this week's weight-loss winner's top tips.
by Doug Rice

Ashley's Secrets to Getting in Wedding Shape:

1. Be Consistent

"Don't let a minor setback ruin your outlook or give you an excuse to quit. I had bad weeks where I let my diet slack or maybe skipped a workout. The old me probably would've given up, but the new me just brushed it off and got back on track. Everyone has setbacks, but the key is to push past them and get back on the diet and back to your workouts."

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2. Eat Right

"You can't out-exercise a bad diet. Eating healthier made a world of difference in me being able to get through my workouts and in my overall weight loss. I kept track of my calories, and it was quite an eye-opener in the beginning!"

3. Don't Be Afraid

"I'd never lifted weights or done any strength training before, so I wasn't strong at all. I also didn't have the greatest endurance for working out; I would usually manage a half hour at most. My first workout where I did "non-girly" push-ups the entire time was one of those moments where I realized just how strong I was getting and how far I'd come. On my wedding day, I felt beautiful and confident."

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