Ashley Mejia Bridal Spotlight

Each week, we feature shape-up secrets from real brides who slimmed down for their wedding. Steal this week’s weight-loss winner’s top tips.
by The Knot

Ashley's Secrets to Getting in Wedding Shape:

1. Work Out in the Mornings
"Working out in the mornings was one of the biggest reasons I was able to commit 100 percent to my new fitness routine. I'm the worst morning person ever, but working out in the mornings allowed me to never have excuses after a long day at work. It also allowed me more time in the evenings to work on wedding planning."

2. Stay Consistent
"Working out four to five times a week consistently was key to my prewedding fitness routine. I would work out three times a week with Bridalicious."

3. Keep It Fun
"I added some variety to keep it fresh with a few cardio classes like Zumba and hip-hop."

--Doug Rice

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