Brittany Kinley Bridal Spotlight

Each week, we feature shape-up secrets from real brides who slimmed down for their wedding. Steal this week’s weight-loss winner’s top tips.
by The Knot

Brittany's Secrets to Getting in Wedding Shape:

1. Don't Go Home First

“I would bring my clothes to work and change right after the workday was over. It didn't give me a chance to come home and get distracted or become lazy."

2. Avoid Foods That Can Undo Workouts

“I really started to watch my diet -- not to lose weight, but because after all of those hard gym sessions, I would never want to waste that energy of a great workout on something like a hamburger or French fries. They just didn't taste as good as the feeling of getting in shape."

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3. Understand the Benefits

“I was able to work out harder than I'd ever worked out before in my life. I started to gain a lot of strength as well, starting off with five-pound dumbbells and moving to eight pounds in just a couple of months. Besides the physical results, there were mental changes too. I was able to finally feel like I had a fitness plan that worked for me, and I actually came to enjoy working out and felt sexy in sneakers, not just heels."

--Doug Rice

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