One Bride Shares How She Gained Confidence Before Her Wedding

Here’s what she did to feel her best.
by Cassie Kreitner

When you’re getting married, all eyes—and cameras—will be on you. While it’s 100 percent true that if you feel great, you’ll look great, it’s also totally natural to feel nervous about taking so. many. photos. That’s how Sarah Miller felt after getting engaged in July 2018. She was the happiest she’d ever been, but was self-conscious about her teeth, which had shifted since wearing braces as a teen. Here, Sarah talks about what she did to feel more confident about her smile before her rustic barn wedding in Nashville, Tennessee, this past April, and her advice for other brides-to-be.

Being Your Own Worst Critic

“I had an expander and braces for a few years while I was in elementary and middle school. By the time I was an adult, my teeth had shifted from not wearing my retainer—one of my front teeth moved forward and it looked like a shadow in pictures.

My teeth weren’t horrible, but certain angles definitely looked bad in my eyes, which brought my confidence down. It didn’t keep me from smiling in photos—I have a lot to smile about in my life—but after viewing the photos, I’d always notice my teeth and make a comment. I’d try to angle my head in a way so my teeth weren’t noticeable.”

Deciding to Make a Change

“After seeing my smile in photos from our engagement day, I knew I wouldn’t be happy or confident at our wedding unless I took the step to improve my teeth. I decided to invest in aligners the following month. I heard about Smile Direct Club through a friend, and it was within my budget and very convenient for me while I was working a full-time job and planning a wedding.”

Starting the Process

“I truly was surprised at how simple the process was. Having braces as a kid was not an easy task; you’re required to go to the orthodontist monthly, and my braces were on for three years. This time, I went to Smile Direct Club once to get scanned and within a few weeks they sent all of the aligners from start to finish, labeled by which week to wear them. The box also came with a whitening kit, which I was thrilled about since I was about to get married and take a ton of photos.”

Noticing Progress

“I was told I’d need the trays for five months. Around the three-month mark, I sent in pictures of my teeth to make sure my smile was where it should be in the process. Once I neared the end, they reminded me to order my retainer and I wore it full time for one month before the wedding. Now I just wear it at night.”

Revealing Her New Smile

“My new smile wasn’t a drastic change like the first time I had braces, but it was a change that I noticed in person and in pictures. It’s definitely helped my confidence. I was nonstop smiling the whole wedding weekend. Even the photographers commented on my smile while taking close-ups.” 

What Made Her Smile at Her Wedding

“Having my best friend, love of my life and husband Grant by my side. Also, we had more than 130 family and friends travel to Nashville, Tennessee, and come celebrate with us. It’s not every day that everyone you love is in one place supporting you; it was the most confident and happy I’ve ever been.”

Her Advice for Future Brides

“Take the time to invest in yourself [before your wedding]. You want to feel like your best self on the best day! Appreciate all you have around you and the love surrounding you. Knowing your worth and feeling loved brings a whole lot of confidence in itself. And have fun—you are capturing wonderful memories!”

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