Brides' Biggest Wedding Day Fears

Afraid your dress won't fit or your drunken uncle will make a scene? You're not alone. Our Knotties share their biggest wedding day fears.
by the knot

"Being an ugly crier and getting makeup on my dress." – Christa

"That everyone we invited actually shows up!" – Amanda

"Terrified no one will show up! Invited 300 people and not even 200 have responded....RSVPs are due back in 5 days!" – Laura

"A blizzard! Our wedding is on Valentine's Day in New York City." – Kerry

"That no one will dance! I'm already making it a requirement that my bridal party dance." – Antenette

"I don't like public speaking so the ceremony and vows are freaking me out a bit!" – Carla

"People wearing white to my wedding." – Nicole

"My day of coordinator not setting the reception site up right and it turns out looking horrible!" – Kaitlyn

"The officiant saying my new name wrong." – Jacynthe

"I've always feared that my in-laws will stand up during that whole 'does anyone object?' part." – Alex

"We're getting married on a boat, and I worry that someone will get pushed into the water -- namely me or my fiance." – Nicole

"My biggest fear is that I'll run late. I'm always late, and I really want my day-of timeline to run smoothly." – Sarah

"Vendors not showing up is my biggest wedding day fear! Did you ever see the episode of Judge Judy where the bride's DJ got arrested and she had no music at the reception?" – Samantha

"My biggest fear is Mother Nature. We're having an outdoor ceremony, and although we have our church for a backup, it will be a big pain to make the switch! – Elizabeth

"I'm scared that my dress won't fit. The wedding is less than a month away, and I've put off trying it on. It's time to bite the bullet and see if I'll be able to wear it." – Batta

"I'm a second-time bride, and at my first wedding, I spent the majority of the reception in the hallway posing for pictures. Me, me with Aunt Carol, me with Aunt Carol's daughter, me with Aunt Carol's daughter's cat. I want to make sure this does not happen again." – Scarlet

"My biggest fear is that I'll be too emotional. I've cried at every wedding I've ever been to -- even if it was someone I didn't know! A few tears wouldn't be bad, but I'm scared I'm going to be sobbing uncontrollably." – Thea

"I'm afraid of my future mother-in-law having a meltdown because I am marrying her one and only baby. And you know, she will NEVER, EVER see him again (eye roll)." – Jessica

"I have the requisite drunk uncle who's threatened to make a speech about my awkward formative years. I can only hope there's room for me and my big dress under the table." – Ann

"I can honestly say that I have no fears. As long as I get to be the wife of a wonderful man at the end of the day." – Melissa

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