Bridesmaids: Girl Talk

Avoid becoming bridezilla by chatting with your girls about these top issues
by The Knot

The Budget

Remember that your maids may be on a budget. Give them an estimate of upcoming expenses (dress, shoes, accessories) and take stock of your friends' finances. They might have set aside some extra money for your wedding events (lucky you!), but most likely they'll be watching every penny and will welcome your consideration. If budgets are tight, allow them to select their own shoes and don't demand that they accompany you to the salon the morning of the wedding. They might also be maids to other friends at the same time, so any corners that you can cut will definitely be appreciated.

The Dresses

Many maids love the idea of helping out during your wedding, but loathe the thought of wrapping themselves up in a pink satin gown topped with a frilly bow. Find out what they are and aren't comfortable wearing before you hit the stores. You might think everyone would look great in a strapless gown, but your cousin may be conscious of her arms -- so if you end up picking a sleeveless number, let her wear a matching wrap down the aisle to ease her worries.

The Timeline

You may have a bridal party of pros who all know the drill but if not, remember that this process might be new to some of your girls. Use your wedding web page to provide a timeline of events for your bridesmaids. And send reminders -- email is the best way -- about once a month (and once a week during the last month) to let them know what's coming up.

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