Top 14 Wedding Favors Under $3.99

You want a nice send-off, but don't want to spend a fortune. Try these fun (and cheap) ideas.
  1. Balloon Squawker - 16¢

    Every party needs props. And your wedding is no exception to the rule. These blow up and make plenty of noise.
  2. Lipbalm - $3.00

    The perfect parting gift for any season—and any climate. We bet a few chapped lips will be eternally grateful.
  3. Personalized Hot Sauce - $2.83

    Add your names to the labels and give guests a spicy takeaway. Who could possibly resist a little bit of kick?
  4. Snazzy Lollipop - $3.00

    Reason numero uno: Who doesn't have a sweet tooth? Plus, this sucker will last a lot longer than the ride home.
  5. Seed Favor Bookmark - $1.00

    A gift that grows. Um, does it get any cuter than that?
  6. Emergen-C Packet - 36¢

    Hello, hangover helper. Thank your friends and family for partying so hard.
  7. Personalized Hand Sanitizer - $2.25

    Just can't leave home without it. Forget the generic types; create your own by sticking on a personalized label.
  8. Punctuation Page Marker - $2.00

    Sometimes, a symbol says it all. Let them have their pick from this assortment of hip and sticky page markers.
  9. Slinky - $3.49

    A blast from the past. Yeah! The classic silver Slinky is sure to go with just about any wedding color scheme.
  10. Golf Tee - 19¢

    Perfect for a country club venue. Honestly, who doesn't know someone who could use them on the links? Personalize 'em (at no extra cost!) for a special touch.
  11. Hot-Chocolate-on-a-Stick - $3.00

    The stick makes prep time so much less of a mess. Oh, yeah, and did we mention that they're delicious?
  12. Bottle Opener - $1.49

    They'll think of you every time they pop open a cold one years after the wedding.
  13. Whoopie Pie - $1.50

    For one, these are mini so guests can eat them in one bite. With an assortment of flavors, they're foolproof picks.
  14. Pushlight - $3.99

    It's always nice to walk away with something you'll actually use. Perfect for guests' handbags or glove boxes.