Wedding Details: Getting Rid of Bugs at Outdoor Weddings?

by The Knot

I'm having an evening wedding in July at a mountain lodge. The wedding ceremony and wedding reception will be outside under a tent, and I'm worried about mosquitoes. What can I do to ensure my wedding guests won't be eaten alive?


First, find out from the facility managers if it is possible to get the area sprayed for insects (this may be something they do regularly anyway), which can significantly cut down on unwelcome "guests." You can also buy pretty luminarias (citronella candles placed in paper bags and used to line a path or a tent) or hanging lamps that are specially formulated to keep pests away. Ask your site manager about these options as well -- it's likely other people who've gotten married there have had similar problems, and they can let you know how others dealt with them. Another idea: Give your guests little tubes of repellent in addition to their favors, and be sure to keep the bathrooms stocked with bottles of bug spray as well.

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