3 Calorie-Burning Dance Workouts

Face it: The treadmill isn't exactly a thrill ride. My recommendation? Just dance!
by The Knot

Sign Up for a Class

Many gyms offer group fitness classes in lots of different formats, from Zumba to hip-hop and striptease. Dancing in a group setting can motivate you to work harder because, hey, people can see you. If you're a beginner, don't worry -- you'll probably be one of several first-timers in the class. You'll be amazed at what you can learn after a few sessions.

Average burn for a one-hour group fitness class:

700 calories

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Hit the Clubs

Make date night dance night -- instead of dinner and a movie, try dinner and dancing. Have a weekly night out with the girls. You can even have a drink or two if you must, just avoid sugar and drink moderately. Burn up the dance floor on and off for a few hours and you'll work up a beautiful sweat.

Average burn for one hour of fast dancing:

300 calories (minus any alcohol intake)

Take Formal Dance Lessons

You and your fiance will be dancing at your wedding -- all the more reason to take ballroom dancing lessons. Not only will you learn how to wow your reception guests, it'll make for a nice date night activity. Take private lessons or learn as a group with other couples. Most sessions last about an hour. Try taking lessons a couple times a week.

Average burn for one hour of traditional ballroom dancing:

200 calories

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