Bridesmaids: Can I Have a Male Bridesmaid?

by The Knot

With the exception of one girlfriend, all of my close friends are guys. What am I supposed to do about the bridal shower, the bachelorette party and, most importantly, the wedding party? Also, my fiance and I share many of the same friends, with only a few exceptions.


If you're set on a bridal shower, perhaps your mother or another female relative can plan and host the party. (You may have heard that this is a no-no, but these days, it's no longer a faux pas for the bride's mom to throw the shower.) You might also consider a couple shower for you and your fiance -- you can invite all your male pals to that party. For your bachelorette party, why not just go out with your close girlfriend for dinner and drinks? As far as the wedding party goes, there's no rule that says the bride must have all female attendants -- or any females at all, for that matter! You can definitely choose male pals to stand up for you. If you and your groom share friends, decide between yourselves who will stand where. When you really think about it, all the attendants stand for both of you, right? Just make sure all the guys wear matching formalwear. The lesson here: You needn't follow rules that don't apply to you. When necessary, adapt them to suit your situation or just make your own.

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