Wedding Child Attendants: Can Flower Girl and Ring Bearer Be the Only Kids at Wedding Reception?


My fiance and I are getting married next year, and I want my two little cousins to be ring bearers and one of his nieces to be a flower girl. However, I want to have an adults only wedding reception. Can the children in my wedding party be there without the rest of the wedding guests being upset about it?


You have to be careful with your execution on this one, but it can be done. While if you were choosing to allow say, your sister or a few family friends to bring their children and barring all others, that would be a serious gaffe, in this case having only select kids is okay. Why? Because they are in the wedding party. If you want your flower girl and ring bearers to be at the reception, they definitely should be. If anyone asks you about it or objects, it's perfectly fine to explain that you were on a tight budget and so made the decision not to invite kids, but since these kids are in your wedding party, of course they were asked to the reception. End of story! Just make sure that you remain firm on your no-other-children policy, or else your explanation will have a few holes in it.

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