Wedding Rehearsal Dinner: Can Mother of the Groom Host Rehearsal Dinner?


I am a single mom who is totally taking care of the wedding rehearsal dinner. The groom's dad will only be there as an invited guest. Can I make the initial rehearsal dinner toast and act as hostess? I have two brothers-in-law who could help, although choosing one over the other would create another problem. Will today's rehearsal dinner etiquette permit me to be in charge?


Of course it will! If you are hosting this party, it's only right that you should play hostess and start off the toasts. There's no reason to have your brothers-in-law do it just because they are men! Remember, you should use etiquette only in ways that work for you or make your life easier. It sounds like you've already thought of the best and most logical solution in this case, so you should feel free to go for it!

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