Wedding Gown: Can I Wear a Shorter Skirt on My Wedding Dress?


I've noticed that wedding dress hemlines seem to be rising on the bridal runways -- some of these wedding dresses are even verging on mini! I want to go trendy with my bridal style, but is a super-short wedding gown really an okay choice to wear down the aisle?


As top wedding gown designers like Monique Lhuillier and Vera Wang have brought out briefer and briefer bridal styles, we've definitely taken notice too. While we love these fun and flirty styles, they might not be the most aisle-worthy wear (unless you're getting married in Vegas -- in which case anything goes!). You'll probably want to cover up a bit more during your wedding ceremony (and there are, of course, plenty of chic and trendy ways to do so).

When to wear these kicky little numbers? With the trend toward more relaxed and informal wedding receptions, more and more brides are choosing not one but two gowns for their wedding day. After all, if you've always dreamed of exchanging vows in a princess-style ball gown, that style might not gel with your plans to dance till dawn. Two wedding gowns will allow you to do it all -- and these shorter bridal styles are absolutely perfect for the bride who wants to have it both ways and really rock out at her reception.

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