Wedding Gown: Can I Wear a Satin Wedding Dress in Summer?


We're having a morning, outdoor August wedding at a somewhat rustic location. Would a satin strapless wedding dress be appropriate? I know the dress can be whatever I want, but I'd love your opinion. Also, should I factor into my decision whether I'll ever be able to wear the wedding dress again?


Let's address your second question first: The reality is, you probably won't ever wear your wedding dress again -- there simply aren't too many life occasions that will call for a long white gown. Of course, if you choose a simple sheath, you could have it dyed after the wedding and wear it on formal occasions. Then again, you'll probably want to keep your wedding dress in its original state as a keepsake. So no, whether you can wear it again should not be a huge factor in your choice.

As for the first question, you're right: You can wear whatever you want to your wedding. Either way, the wedding dress you describe sounds appropriate. As long as your gown doesn't feature heavy, sparkly appliques and a huge train, it will be fine for an outdoor summer wedding. You might not want to go for high-sheen satin, which might suggest evening more than daytime, but if it's a simple, unadorned, strapless satin dress we're talking about, you'll probably be fine. The only other consideration? August is hot -- you might want to find out whether the same wedding gown is available in silk, which would breathe better.

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