Wedding Gown: Can I Wear a White Wedding Dress if I Have a Child?

by The Knot

I'm getting married for the first time and I have a little girl. All the guests know about her, but most are trying to convince me to exclude her from the wedding and not to wear a white wedding dress. I really want my daughter to be involved -- I'm not ashamed of her. What role should she play (she'll be 18 months old), and can I wear a traditional wedding dress?


Sometimes when you do something (or even express interest in doing something) that's not exactly traditional, people get uneasy and start talking about rules -- what's appropriate and inappropriate. The question is, how much will you let others' opinions affect you? It sounds like you know what you want to do: include your daughter in the wedding and wear the wedding dress you want to wear. Since your daughter will be too young to serve as a flower girl, you can walk down the aisle with her (or carry her in your arms) and then hand her to your mother in the first row as you step up to meet your groom. As for your wedding dress, rest assured that wearing white is completely appropriate for any bride, first wedding or second, mom or not.

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