Wedding Ceremony: Pets at Weddings?

by The Knot

I'd like for my dog Alex to be present at my wedding. I know it sounds nutty but I grew up with him and consider him to be one of my best friends. However, I'm getting married in a church and Alex is a huge golden retriever and tends to get overly excited when he's around crowds. I'm worried he might get rambunctious and disrupt the wedding ceremony. What can I do?


Before you do anything, make sure the ceremony location allows animals. Once you've overcome that hurdle, enlist the services of an empathetic friend or family member who loves Alex almost as much as you do. Ask that person to walk Alex in and out of the service on a leash and sit near an exit in case he acts up or –- worst-case scenario -- has to relieve himself. This way you can concentrate on your vows and feel confident that your furry friend is there and in good hands.

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