Wedding Ceremony: Inviting Co-Workers to Wedding After Work Event?


I am the director of the nonprofit organization that my fiance volunteers for. Most of the people I work with do not know that we are a couple. My fiance wants us to get married after an annual luncheon event so we can invite people we both work with that we otherwise would not ask to the wedding. The wedding facility would not charge us an additional fee, and the wedding would take place on a Thursday at 4 p.m. in a garden ceremony. So that no one attending the luncheon will feel left out, we thought of handing out an informal wedding invitation when they leave the lunch, letting them know they may join us for the exchange of wedding vows. I think it would be a beautiful setting, but I'm a little uncomfortable doing this at a work event. This is a remarriage for both of us. We want something simple but nice. What do you think?


Thursday-afternoon vows in the garden sounds wonderful -- as long as you are completely comfortable with it. A wedding, of course, is largely an event to which you invite your closest relatives and friends. Coworkers and colleagues are optional, or you might invite those you work with closely or with whom you also have a social relationship. If your family and friends are also invited to this event, will they be comfortable with it? Will you? It's important to ask yourself whether you're going along with this because your fiance wants it or whether it's because this is what you really want to do. Also, if you haven't told anyone at work about your relationship and then you suddenly get married, that could be awkward. Your plan is fine as long as you closely examine how you truly feel about going through with it.

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