Wedding Gifts: Can We Ask for Wedding Gift Certificates?


Following the wedding, I am moving to a different state to live with my future husband. I know wedding gifts are not to be expected (and I don't want to infer that in any way) but because I will be moving and I know some people will want to bring gifts, is it appropriate to ask wedding guests to give us gift certificates instead? That way we don't have to move a bunch of wedding gifts to another state.


Many stores let you either register for gift certificates or indicate a preference for them on your registry. Beyond that, some stores offer the option of saving the gifts for you until after the wedding, when they ship them to your home. In fact, there are even a few stores out there (mostly high-end department stores) where this is mandatory. The store will give your guests certificates of purchase that, if they like, they can wrap up and give to you, or can simply include a card with the shipped presents. If you register at a store that offers that option, there's no reason you can't simply have the gifts held and then shipped to your fiance's home once you are both moved in.

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