Wedding Gifts: Money Instead of Wedding Gifts?


Is it rude to ask for monetary wedding gifts? We already have a blender (and pretty much everything else!).


Well, you should never ask for specific gifts, monetary or otherwise. What you can do in addition to letting them know (if they ask) that you would prefer cash gifts, is to set up a honeymoon or cash registry. It works just like a traditional registry and feels a little more formal than just collecting checks from your loved ones. Make sure to let your parents, siblings, wedding party, and close friends know that this is your prefered registry, so if guests ask them, they can relay your preference. You'll also want to add it to your wedding website, so if guests are curious, they can find out what types of gifts you would like to receive. But like any registry and gift preference, don't announce it in a formal way to your guests, and whatever you do, don't mention it on the invitation! Still, some guests will want to buy you material gifts -- so it's a good idea to register at a store for a few items. And of course, be sure to accept and acknowledge every gift gracefully (that means send out thank-you notes). As for monetary gifts, let the giver know how you intend to spend their gift in a thank-you card.

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