Wedding Guests: Can We Choose Where Wedding Guests Stay?


Nearly all of our wedding guests are coming to our wedding from out of town, and we expect it to be a raucous reunion all around (though more for some, like our college buddies, than for others). Is there any way that we can finesse the accommodations to group everyone together at different hotels?


Simple! When you are reserving blocks of hotel rooms, get blocks at more than one hotel. Then, rather than including accommodation information on your save-the-dates, create more than one info sheet as an enclosure to send with them. That way, for example, you can offer your family one or two hotel options and your friends another. Just make sure that you stuff your envelopes carefully, or you could wind up with some of your fiance's frat buddies bunking next door to your great aunt Edna! And here's help finding wedding guest accommodations in your area !

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