Wedding Ceremony: Extra Lighting in Candlelight Wedding Ceremony?


I was hoping to have a candlelight wedding ceremony, but I am unclear about how it actually works. I bought a ton of white Christmas lights, which I am hanging from the floor-to-ceiling windows in the ceremony/reception ballroom, but I don't think this will give off enough light so that wedding guests will be able to see. Can you give me a few more suggestions?


Your twinkly lights sound great, but you're probably right about wanting more light. First, make sure you know what the local fire ordinances are, including the guidelines as to how many candles you can light -- or if you can light them at all. Ask the manager of the location to help you find that out. Then, based on the regulations, you need to decide where you want to place the candles. Sounds like you're concerned about there being enough light around the two of you at the altar, so you might want to put large candles on stands (maybe decorated with flowers) around where you will exchange vows so people can see the area. You could also place one at the end of each pew. But don't overdo it -- the whole purpose of a candlelight ceremony is that the room is dim, after all.

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