Wedding Registry: Can We Include Items for Our Child on Our Wedding Registry?

by The Knot

My fiance and I have a son. We are buying a house shortly after the wedding. In addition to wedding gifts, is it okay to register for items for our son's room?


I don't believe you are breaking any rules of etiquette by registering for some gifts for your son's room. Think of it this way: The whole idea behind registering is that friends and family are helping you and your new spouse to build your first home together. Since your son is an integral part of your life, I don't see why you can't register for things to fill his part of your home as well. Remember also that putting things on your registry is not forcing people to buy them; it is merely saying, "Here are some ideas for what we most need." Just keep in mind that your wedding, and the subsequent gifts you receive, are meant to celebrate your union with your fiance. As such, a registry full of baby furniture may put some people off, so make sure there are plenty of other items available. This way, if someone feels uncomfortable purchasing something for your son's room, they can simply select a more traditional gift.

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