Wedding Music & Dancing: Wedding Reception Music Genre?


We love the idea of having an Irish band at the wedding reception, but we're concerned that our wedding guests might not appreciate it after the tenth Irish jig in a row. Is there a way we can still incorporate the music, but not have it be the sole genre at our entire reception? Or will people think it's weird having two very different styles of wedding music.


Having different styles of music at your reception won't seem strange at all. Think about it -- the thousands of couples who have DJs probably don't ask them to stick to a single genre of music right? And among those who choose to have live music, it's not uncommon to have different musicians play during the cocktail hour and dinner than those who kick out the jams when it's time to get the party started. Follow their lead and have your Irish band play during the cocktail hour or during your dinner, then switch to another band or a DJ for the remainder of the reception.

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