Wedding Gifts: Using Wedding Gifts Before the Wedding?


Is it ok to use our wedding shower gifts before the wedding? My mom says that I should wait until after the wedding, but my fiancé and I already live together and could use the new stuff since we are in the process of purchasing a second home. Is my mom just overreacting, or is it really bad luck?


It is perfectly acceptable to use shower gifts before your actual wedding day. You will have already opened them (obviously) at your shower and, once open, there's no reason not to use them as soon as you choose. Sounds like your mom might be focusing too much on an old superstition, something along the lines of "Don't count your chickens before they hatch," meaning that if for some reason your wedding doesn't happen, etiquette dictates that all gifts should be returned. Depending on how superstitious you are, you can decide for yourself.

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