Wedding Invitations: Casual Wedding Invitation Style?


We're planning an evening ceremony and reception, but we don't want the wedding to be formal. How can we let guests know that it will be a casual wedding?


Though there are some old-school etiquette rules that still stand -- yes, tails are still too formal for daytime -- when it comes to a casual celebration, any time of day is fine. Just because your ceremony will be in the evening doesn't mean it must be black-tie. You can clue guests in to the formality of your wedding with your save-the-dates and invitations. Don't include explicit wardrobe info; instead, pick a style that reflects the spirit of your event (if you're thinking casual, engraved script on ivory probably isn't for you). You might include wardrobe info elsewhere however -- for example, many couples include that kind of info on their wedding web pages (to make your own, go to And of course, make sure your family, attendants, and close friends know -- that way, they can spread the word for you.

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