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6 Creative Ways to Serve Beer at Your Wedding

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17 Questions to Ask Your Caterer

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Wedding Food & Drink: How Can We Have A Cheap Farm-to-Table Meal?

How can we have a farm-to-table meal on a budget?

Wedding Food & Drink: Alternatives to Chicken?

My wedding is going to be a formal evening affair at a lovely club, but I am having a tough time selecting an entree for the wedding reception. My future mother-in-law (who is paying for almost our entire wedding) said to just select a chicken dish, and not get hung up on serving something fancy. She is being a real stickler on this point. I know that "everyone likes chicken", but I was hoping for something a little different. Are there any other wedding reception dinner options you can suggest?

Destination Weddings: Confirming Good Food?

We are both big foodies and really want to have delicious food at our reception. How can we ensure that happens?

Wedding Vendors: Saying We've Chosen a Different Wedding Caterer?

My fiance and I recently met with a number of wedding caterers. We had four wedding tastings, and the winning caterer turned out to be the last one we saw. I now have to tackle the dreaded task of saying "no thanks" to the other caterers. They were all great and quite amazing in terms of service, so I want to handle this correctly. What exactly should I say to them? Should I call them or write an email? If they ask me which caterer I chose instead, should I tell them?