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All of Your Questions About Interfaith Wedding Ceremonies, Answered

Sample Wording for a Catholic Wedding Program

Read on for a helpful Catholic wedding program template.

Roman Catholic Wedding Ceremony Vows

Remarriage: Do I Need an Annulment?

My fiance was previously married in a non-Catholic religious wedding ceremony. He divorced. We are planning on being married in a Catholic church. I have never been married. Will he need an annulment from his previous marriage?

Catholic Wedding Ceremony Planning Checklist

Church Weddings: Remarriage in the Catholic Church?

The most wonderful man has asked me to marry him! He is kind, considerate, and Catholic. He is also divorced. In order to be married in a church (which I fully intend to do), what are the necessary proceedings?

Catholic Wedding Ceremony Resources

Wedding Ceremony: Who Can Be an Attendant at a Catholic Wedding?

My fiance and I are having an elaborate Catholic wedding. His best man is Catholic but my maid of honor is Jewish. Is our priest going to object to this?

Wedding Processional: Can Parents Escort the Groom Down the Aisle?

Both my father and mother are walking me down the aisle. I just found out that the mother of the groom wants to walk my husband-to-be down the aisle, too. I know this is the norm in Jewish weddings, but can this be done in a Catholic wedding ceremony? How?

Catholic Wedding Ceremony Rituals