Wedding Reception Etiquette: Champagne-less Reception Toasts?


My fiance and I are leaning toward having a dry wedding reception. Will our guests find it too strange not having alcohol, especially for the wedding toasts? Should we let them know in the invitations?


You're hosting the party, so whether to serve alcohol is completely your call. Though some guests may be surprised, it shouldn't put a damper on your wedding festivities. Don't feel you need to let them know on the wedding invitations , though -- unless it's a dinner's-not-being-served announcement, where you'd want guests to know that they should eat beforehand, that kind of information is best left to word of mouth. Make sure your families and wedding party know the plan so they can let people know when they're chatting about your wedding. As for the toasts, many couples offer sparkling cider or juice in lieu of champagne, so guests can still join in raising a glass.

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