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Charity Shower Bridal Shower Theme

The Knot
by The Knot

What it is: Instead of bringing gifts to the bridal shower, guests are asked to bring a donation (food, old clothing, or even cash) to benefit the couple's favorite charity.

Best For: The bride who has lived on her own (or with her fiancé) for awhile, and already has traditional shower gifts (cookware and bath linens) but still deserves a fantastic party. Or, any bride who would rather not be the center of attention at a gift-giving extravaganza.

Planning Tip: Rather than spending cash on favors, continue the theme by making donations to a charity of the bride and groom's choosing in the guests' names.

Potential Pitfall: There will always be those who feel obligated to buy a gift for the shower. Don't discourage them; but point out that the bride may not use the item if it's something she already owns.

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