15 Cheese-Free Wedding Ideas

Step off tight tendrils and "princess wedding" talk. We've got new cheese-free wedding ideas for your day right here.
by Anja Winikka
  1. Cheese-Free Wedding Favor: The Hangover Helper Kit

    photo by Brian Phillips

    What's in it? The usual suspects: Tylenol, sleeping mask, water, and vitamins. You could also add crackers, vitamin water, towelettes, and mints. Package it up pretty like they did here, and hand them out at the after-party. Your guests will thank you in the morning.

  2. Cheese-Free Bachelorette Party: The Un-Vegas Trip

    photo by Promise Tangeman
    If Las Vegas is your thing, by all means grab your ladies and make it happen. But don't force it. There are a gazillion other hip bachelorette party-ready cities in the US. Plan a trip to sunny Santa Monica, Miami, or Santa Fe. Spend the days sitting poolside, riding bikes, and exploring -- then, you know, hit the town.
  3. Cheese-Free Proposal: The Hidden Camera Proposal

    The best marriage proposal stories aren't necessarily the most creative or outlandish -- they're heartfelt, thought-out, and especially meant for the person on the receiving end. That's why this one caught our eye. FYI -- it's a little on the lengthy side. (Thanks Knottie Jillian for sending it our way!)
  4. Cheese-Free Registry: Glassware With a Hint of Color

    photo by Antonis Achilleos
    So maybe you already have your fair share of white dinner plates. But that's no reason not to register for dishes. Perk up the old cabinets by adding colorful glassware to the registry. It's an easy way to take the table up a notch without having to register for repeats.
  5. Cheese-Free Bridesmaids: Unique Hair Accessories

    photo by Kristen Alexander Photographer
    Sure, have your bridesmaids wear their own black dress, choose a different neckline, or even vary the dress shade -- all good ideas. But if you really want them to shine, ask them to wear their favorite hair accessory (think feather headbands, flower pins, and sparkly hair sticks).
  6. Cheese-Free Photography Idea: A "Day-After" Shoot

    photo by Heather Waraksa
    On the wedding day, you're going to want to be hanging out with your people as much as possible -- not off taking personal shots the entire time. If you're on a particularly strict day-of schedule (and even if you're not), see about scheduling a day-after (or even a week-after) photo session to get some cute shots of the two of you (yep, a second chance to wear that amazing dress).
  7. Cheese-Free Dress: The Layered Ball Gown

    photo by Erik Ekroth
    We're fairly certain you won't feel like a "princess" in this ball gown by Kenneth Pool -- more like goddess. From its dramatic shape to all the delicate layers, and belt with just the right amount of sparkle, this dress is all about sophistication.
  8. Cheese-Free Boutonnieres: Made of Feathers and Buttons

    photo by Jessamyn Harris
    These little creations are anything but typical -- but if that describes your wedding style, then in get in on this idea and give one to every groomsmen.
  9. Cheese-Free Groom's Cake: Rice Krispies Treat Cake

    photo by Lucida Photography
    Speaking of the guys, groom's cakes have come a long way. So if something like, oh say, Rice Krispies Treats used to be one of his faves as a kid, see about creating a large version as the groom's cake.
  10. Cheese-Free Hairstyle: Pinned-Back Waves

    photo by Paul Sunday
    Soft waves give this hairstyle a fun, flirty, natural look with an "I'm-not-going-to-freak-out-about-my-hair" kind of vibe.
  11. Cheese-Free Guest Book: The Mad Libs Guest Book

    photo by The Schultzes
    Get guests exicited about signing the guest book for once (not wondering whether you're ever going to read it) with a Mad Libs-style guest book. Throw them into a scrapbook after the wedding for a fun keepsake.
  12. Cheese-Free Wedding Cake: Laser-Printed Wedding Cakes

    photo by Antonis Achilleos
    Notice, we're not suggesting that laser-printed photos splashed across a royal icing wedding cake is cute (you know the kind where your favorite uncle ends up eating the piece of cake featuring your ear). This is different -- it's a cake printed with your all-time favorite quote or the line from the poem he read you when he proposed. 
  13. Cheese-Free Transportation: A Vintage Car

    photo by L Photographie
    It's all for the photo op anyway, so get the coolest car you can find (rent it or borrow it from a friend) in an amazing color, and make it a flashy getaway. 
  14. Cheese-Free Wedding Song: "I Gotta Feeling"

    photo by Heather Saunders
    What better way to let your guests know that you're wedding is going to be a good time than to tell them with a song? Ah, like one of the Black Eyed Peas' latest. We're pretty sure you're familiar, but just in case, you can listen to it here.
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