How Do I Choose a Perfume for My Wedding Day?

bride spraying chanel perfume
photo by Amy Arrington Photography

How do I choose a perfume for my wedding day?


Plan a trip or two to a department store a few weeks before your wedding to sniff different perfumes. Be sure to test the scent on your skin, so you'll know how it reacts with your body chemistry—just smelling the bottle is not enough! The best way to do this is to spray the perfume on your inner arm and let it settle for a few minutes. Once the scent sinks in, have your soon-to-be husband or wife take a whiff and give you their honest opinion. You don't want to wear a perfume that makes them sneeze or cringe (or worse—reminds them of an ex!). Once you've found your new scent, buy a bottle and don't open it until your wedding day—since fragrance is a memory trigger, you want to make sure your new perfume is exclusively for your "I Dos."

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