Home & Decor: How to Deal with Different Decorating Styles After the Wedding?


My fiance and I have very different decorating styles. His apartment is totally sleek and modern, while my place screams over-the-top vintage. We plan to buy a house together once we're married, and I'm worried that things are going to get ugly (and I don't just mean clashing styles!) when we try to decide what comes with us. Do you have any suggestions for smoothing the transition into our new home?


Organizing your own stuff for a move can be tough enough -- merging yours with your fiance's even harder! Before you start packing anything up, get together to take a long, hard look at what you've got. What are each of your ten favorite pieces, and why? Go ahead and each make a list of your "must-keeps" and why you've gotta have 'em (don't be afraid of sentimental value -- objects that are most valued for the story they tell will always be great conversation pieces whether that much, it's not worth the fight (same goes for your feelings about his pleather ottoman).

Making your initial lists should open up a dialogue, at which point you can tackle bigger questions -- should you try to find objects you own that complement each other, or should you break things up room by room? Whose sofa takes precedence? Whose bed frame? You don't need to make final selections yet, just whittle things down a bit. You can always play musical chairs with it once you've settled in. Don't be afraid to mix it up a bit, either -- your tastes sound like they have so much contrast that you might actually find they're a perfect match.

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