Elevate Your Signature Sip with this Finishing Touch

Raise the bar with some chic cocktail signage.
by Andrea Fowler

When you put a lot of thought into your signature sip, as you do, you want to make sure it's displayed in the best way possible. Make that classy cocktail double as decor with some signage—a practical and incredibly stylish way to give your drink it's due. An elegant calligraphed mirror looks fabulous in a traditional ballroom venue, while a DIY chalkboard sign feels right at home in a rustic barn. We've rounded up some of our favorite signs to inspire you.

  1. Unexpected Garnishes

    Styled bacon bar with moss-covered initials
    Brooke Images

    Just about anything can be skewered onto a cocktail pick, so think outside the box and delight your guests with something savory. Think: cheese, bacon, herbs, pickles vegetables or stuffed peppers. Make sure to label them if there are multiple options to avoid any confusion (mini picture frames are perfect for the job).

    From A Classic Summer Wedding at Ribault Club in Fort George Island, Florida

  2. Framed Calligraphy

    Framed calligraphed cocktail menu
    Jeff Loves Jessica Photography

    Want to make a statement? Pick an ornate (and oversized) picture frame and prop it up on an easel. This is especially handy if there's no where to hang your sign, or if there's not enough room to fit it on the bar. Extra points for illustrations!

    From A Luxury Lakefront Wedding at The Minikahda Club in Minneapolis, Minnesota

  3. Customized Cocktails

    Chalkboard cocktail singage
    Kolorphx Photographs + Motion

    Meet the new twist on the "his and hers" picks. Instead of just suggesting a cocktail, pick a "his" and "hers" beer and wine selection then a single "theirs" signature sip. Personalize it even further with a couple funny photos of the newlyweds.

    From A Romantic Garden Wedding at Private Residence in Phoenix, Arizona

  4. Served with Humor

    Funny quote on a cocktail bar
    Lovedays Photography

    Jumpstart the party vibe with a bit of humor. "Alcohol! Because no great story ever began with a salad" is one of our favorite choices to put on a sign. (No offense, salad!) Monogrammed cocktail napkins take the personalization one step further—and no wedding date means you can use leftovers in your newlywed nest.

    From An Elegant Wedding at The Phoenix Room in Newburyport, Massachusetts

  5. Liquor Selection

    Whiskey bar with a signature cocktail
    L Photographie Weddings

    Are you dedicated to your liquor of choice? Whether it's tequila, vodka or whiskey consider setting up a satellite bar that hosts a single spirit with a simple cocktail to match—but stocked with different bottle choices. For example, serve an old fashion at your whiskey bar so guests can have some fun tasting from different distilleries.

    From An Elegant, Woodland-Inspired Wedding at the The Old Post Office in St. Louis, Missouri

  6. Creative Namesake

    Wedding cocktail hour with grapefruit cocktail
    Tory Williams Photography

    Not only do we love the level of elegance that comes with a calligraphed mirror, we also love that the name of this cocktail sounds just as fancy. Complete the bar decor by matching the name of your signature sip to the wedding theme. (This cocktail, Sir Walter, was actually named after the couple's cat!)

    From A Romantic, Industrial Wedding at the Roundhouse at Beacon Falls in Beacon, New York

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