5 Colors Every Bride Should Love to Eat!

You've chosen the perfect color for your linens, flowers and bridesmaid dresses—but are you incorporating the right colors into your diet? Foods naturally rich in hue tend to be healthier and more nutrient-packed. As you plan your bridal diet, be sure to incorporate these colors.
by Doug Rice


Foods rich in red pigments -- such as tomatoes, cherries and red wine -- eliminate harmful free radicals and reduce LDL (bad) cholesterol.


Orange foods may reduce bad cholesterol, manage blood sugar levels, promote healthy joints and boost collagen formation for healthy skin. Incorporate salmon, sweet potatoes, carrots and oranges.


Eating yellow foods such as olive oil, bananas and yellow peppers can boost HDL (good) cholesterol, lower bad cholesterol, normalize blood pressure and fight cancer-causing free radicals.

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Green foods may help reduce cancer risks, lower blood pressure, improve digestion, support vision and boost your immune system. Eat green apples, spinach and edamame, and drink green tea.


Finally, foods with deep-blue and black colors may help fight inflammation, improve calcium absorption and aid in weight loss. Blueberries, eggplant, black beans and blue cheese are your friends here.

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