5 Crazy Fun Kitchen Gadgets for Your Wedding Registry

Registering for gifts doesn't have to be boring. From a pair of onion googles to a funky whisk, check out these five kitchen gadgets worth adding to your registry.
by Krissy Tiglias
  1. Onion Goggles

    You won't shed a tear while chopping onions if you're wearing a pair of these guys. Just take them off before the in-laws show up.

    $20, BroadwayPanhandler.com

  2. Two-Tiered Potato Masher

    Lumps? Not a chance. Get some serious smashing action with this souped-up potato masher.

    $11, CrateandBarrel.com

  3. Handy Apple Slicer

    You'll be making trips to the apple orchard just to stock up once you have one of these in your possession.

    $3, IKEA.com

  4. Go-Get-Em Gravy Whisk

    Batter up. There's no missing a corner or edge with this whisk.

    $10, ChefTools.com

  5. Silicone Pastry Mat (Slash Cheat Sheet)

    Get your kneading on with this silicone-surface mat that'll guide you through rolling out the most perfectly shaped pie crusts, biscuits, and more.

    $25, Amazon.com
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