Couture Wedding Cake Ideas

Though you won't see them on a runway, wedding cakes follow trends too. For your wedding cake, think beyond basic buttercream-covered tiers -- study up with our report on the latest cake trends.
by The Knot

Trend 1: Mixed Shapes

Say au revoir to the classic stacked square or round wedding cake. For a truly modern look, couples are going for cakes with with added shape. For a classic cake with a twist, have your cake baker make a three-tiered round cake finished off with a petal-shaped bottom layer. Or, mix-and-match square and round for a bold and funky look.

Trend 2: Tons of Texture

Cake designers are experimenting with allover texture. A big idea: frosting embossed with unique designs, such as the motif from your wedding invitation or the lace from your dress. Also consider a white-one-white cake with simple allover buttercream dots, or a pleated design in your wedding day colors.

Trend 3: Bold Graphic Flowers

Flowers will always be a classic, but trendy to-be-weds and cutting-edge cake designers are rethinking floral cake add-ons by going beyond the classic cascade. The most of-the-moment cakes are accented with supersized blooms -- think anemones, dahlias, and mums. Have them clustered on the first tier for a showstopping topper or used as bold accents on each and every tier.

Trend 4: Creative Cake Toppers

These days, the cheesy bride and groom cake topper just doesn't cut it. Instead, cake jewelry, such as floral pins and heirloom brooches; chocolate molds with your monogram or wedding day motif; and antique cake toppers, like the ones your parents used on their cake, are making their way to the tops of cake tiers. If you're looking for something a bit more funky, consider a bride and groom on a bicycle cake topper, or a kitschy topper with two love birds.

Trend 5: Calligraphed Cakes

Pretty scrollwork and delicate design isn't just for stationery. The most experienced cake designers are turning out cakes with beautiful designs, reminiscent of the most formal wedding invitations imaginable. The key to a stunning scrollwork cake is in the color -- this design works best with light hues and little contrast. Choose a light blue fondant base for the cake and have your cake baker add scrollwork in white. Or, go for an ivory cake with light brown frosting. While you're at it, have your baker add sweet nothings to the your cake, like "love," and "promise" in the same scroll-like style.

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