Wedding Details: Wedding Insurance Coverage for a Home Wedding?


My parents are hosting my wedding at their home this summer and they are very concerned about someone getting hurt on our property. Can they cover themselves in case of an accident involving any of our guests?


Absolutely. While having a party at mom and dad's can be a dream come true, it can also become a nightmare if you forget about the insurance. Your parents have to protect themselves the same way a restaurant or reception site does. They should first check their homeowner or renter's policy to see if it offers proper coverage. (They should also call their agent to be absolutely sure.) If not, your parents should get a wedding insurance policy, along with an additional policy with personal liability coverage. Not only will this insurance cover them if someone twists an ankle while on the dance floor, but it can cover the costs of a no-show photographer, severe weather that prevents the wedding from taking place, and any unexpected illnesses or injuries that affect the major players of the event. Always better to be safe than sorry!

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