Most Over-the-Top Marriage Proposals of 2011

If there's anything we can't get enough of, it's outrageously romantic marriage proposals. Here are our favorites from 2011.
by Vi-An Nguyen

Medieval Times

"Jack and I decided to go on a hike. So we climbed up and then I started hearing music -- Renaissance-era music. I asked him if he also heard it, but he ignored me. We kept climbing when all of the sudden, a dragon popped out from the trees and started roaring! (A friend of ours had dressed up in a dragon costume!) Jack ripped off his hoodie, and he was wearing a suit of armor! Jack shouted to me, 'Don't worry, fair maiden, I'll protect you!' He grabbed a sword sitting at a nearby tree and 'slayed' the dragon to save me. He picked up a tiara from a tree, got down on one knee and asked me to be his princess for the rest of our lives and marry him. Of course, I said yes!" -- Katherine

Police Intervention

"Matt is a police officer and got called into work one night. He'd forgotten his bag, so I met him halfway to give it to him. On my way there, I got pulled over. Turns out, my car had been "reported stolen," and I was being arrested! I started crying. I tried, through my sobs, to tell the police officer that it was my dad's car, not stolen, but he made me get in the back of his car anyway. He then asked if I'd had anything to drink. I said no (that half a glass of wine doesn't count, right?!), but I had to do a sobriety test. A backup police car pulled up behind us, but the test continued. When I looked behind me, down on one knee was Matt! He said, 'Baby, the only thing you stole is my heart! Arianna, will you marry me?' Between sobs, I replied, 'Yes! Get these handcuffs off of me!'" -- Arianna

Dental Studies

"For about two weeks, Ryan had been complaining of a toothache. He made a dentist appointment, insisting that I go with him since I'm currently working on becoming a dentist myself. Ryan was super-nervous as we drove to the appointment. Shortly after the dentist had looked at Ryan, the assistant asked me to come to the back. The dentist said there was some pretty interesting stuff going on in Ryan's mouth and asked if I could see anything in his X-rays. I looked at the view box holding the X-ray; there, alongside his tooth, was the outline of a diamond ring. I quickly turned to see Ryan kneeling beside me, holding the ring from the X-ray. With a big smile, he asked me to marry him, and I, of course, said yes!" -- Samantha

Zero Gravity

"Christian casually mentioned after breakfast one morning that I needed to hurry up and pack because we were going to Vegas. I was like, 'Excuse me?!' He wouldn't tell me for how many days we were going or what we'd be doing. After some begging on my part, he finally told me: We were going on a zero-gravity flight! At the end of the flight, Christian said we should make sure that we floated in front of the video camera. We floated on over, and then he took out the ring and a little sign saying, 'Will you marry me?' The ring literally floated in front of my was so magical!" -- Christina

Dolphin Delivery

"Ashley and I were taking a much anticipated vacation to the Bahamas for spring break. On the second day of our trip, I'd arranged for us to take a boat over to Blue Lagoon Island, where we would swim with the dolphins. When we arrived at the island, I told Ashley I was going to go to the bathroom, but really I had to meet up with the dolphin trainer to finalize my plan. As we interacted with the dolphins, I became more and more nervous. A point in the program came where the dolphin would approach us one by one to give us a fish, which we would hold up for them to grab from our hands. When the dolphin approached her, it didn't have a fish in its mouth, but instead a box with a ribbon, and inside was the ring. She realized what was in the box and turned toward me in shock, and I proposed!" -- Eric

Display of Affection

"My fiance and I decided we would go away for a long weekend together in Chicago and made plans to spend our time doing 'tourist' activities. We finished one of our days at The Field Museum, where there's an exhibit called the 'Grainger Hall of Gems.' As we made our way around the exhibit, my fiance dropped to one knee and asked me to marry him. Right in front of us was my gorgeous ring on a pedestal within a gorgeous case all by itself, with a placard asking me to marry him." -- Amanda

Lego Land

"Randy called to ask if I could stop by on my way home. He met me at the front door with a blindfold and had me put it on. He led me into the other room and took my blindfold off to reveal a huge replica of Scarlett's house from Gone with the Wind -- my all-time favorite movie -- completely made out of Legos! I was speechless. Then he said, 'Well, you have to open the roof and look down in there.' And when I did, there was the most gorgeous ring. Needless to say, this beautiful house will be on display at our reception." -- Angela

Buried Treasure

"In Aruba, Wilton and his family took me scuba diving for the first time, and I was hooked! I got certified in September for our first trip together to Australia. We spent a few days scuba diving on the Great Barrier Reef. During a dive, I found a half-buried treasure box in the sand and was excited to open it. After we returned to the boat, Wilton knelt, opened the box, showing a ring, and proposed! I managed to eke out a 'Yes!' while everyone on the boat applauded and cheered." -- Aqua

A Foodie Proposal

"Ken and I had set aside a weekend months ago, to just relax and go on a date. He was supposed to meet me at my office at 3:30 to get drinks and then dinner. Well, at 3:30 p.m., a random guy showed up at my office and explained that there was a limo downstairs waiting for me whenever I was ready. Very confused, I went down and expected Ken to be in the limo, but he wasn't. The limo driver then took me to get an hour-long massage and then back to our house. Ken met me outside, gave me a kiss and then told me to go in while he paid the limo driver. Inside, chef Eric Wells was in our kitchen cooking us a six-course meal! We had an amazing meal, and at the end of dessert, he got down on one knee and gave me his grandmother's ring!" -- Nicole

Custom Publishing

"I arranged to propose at a romantic old mansion full of rooms of books for sale. Beforehand, I had a ring custom made for her, and I also made a custom hardback book about our lives. In the back of the book, I put in a photo of me kneeling and wearing the same clothes I'd be wearing to propose. I hid them in the mansion for later that night. After dinner and an hour in the book loft, she realized a book on one of the shelves was about us! I told her to read it, and as she got to the last page, I got down on one knee, pulled out the ring and proposed." -- Paul

Free Falling

"My fiance signed us up to go skydiving in Dallas. We went up in the air, and he jumped first, and as I was falling to the ground behind him, I saw a huge banner on the ground that said, 'Brandi, will you marry me?' When I landed, my family and best friend were waiting for us, and he was on his knee with my great-grandmother's ring." -- Brandi
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