How to Include Your Dog in Your Wedding Day

Didn't think you could seamlessly incorporate your furry friend into your wedding festivities? Think again.
by The Knot

Your best friends are the ones you want standing up with you at your wedding, but what about your furry best friends? Assuming they're well behaved, dogs are a delightful addition to the activities and, even more so, the wedding photos. Below, find the best inspiration for (stylishly!) including your pup in your wedding festivities, brought to you by some of our very favorite wedding dogs.

Put them in pearls.

Designate them as ring bearer.

Style them as a second bride.

Add a bow tie.

Dress them in a mini suit or tux.

Have them sport signage. 

Dogs wear chalkboard signs for walk down the aisle
photo by Andi Mans Photography

Have matching accessories (think: flower crowns).

Dog's floral collar matches bridesmaid's flower crown
photo by Kristen Conte Photography

Strike a pose for family photos.

Wedding day dogs photos
photo by THE NICHOLS

Help them blend in with your rustic décor.

Dog walking down aisle with stick at fall wedding
photo by Karen Allen Photography

Appoint them as flower girl (with a bandana, of course).

Burlap handkerchief for
photo by Stephanie Rawcliffe Photography

Let them third wheel your kiss.

Just have them sit there and look adorable.

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